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We @ droppingjaws .com want to verbalize our appreciation for those indviduals who submit photos about different marketing and advertising campagins  that you see while your out and about  in the world to us via twitter @droppingjawsblg and email  info@agapecean .com. This weeks submission is the Kleenex Hand Towel dispenser shown below:

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If the 2nd photos above is a tad bit distorted allow us @ to go into futhher details about this packaging. Kleenex has infused the standard Tissue box with a hand towel dispenser commonly located in a public restroom.  Kleenex created a packaging masterpiece, this package design has functionality it can be used in multiple settings as shown above  1) When the product’s package sitting right side up it has the style that resembles the Kleenex tissue box that we have grown accustom to seeing over the years.

2) The creative ingenuity is displayed when flipped upside down and placed  inside a towel rack it becomes a portable make shift paper towel dispenser. Which can be located in restrooms around the world.

“Marketing Management (A Strategic Decision-Making Approach) ” authors John W. Mullins, Orville C. Walker Jr., Harper W. Boyd Jr and Jean-Claude Larréché spoke about the power of packaging decisions “Packaging can give a product strong promotional support at the point of purchase. Many more potential customers may see the package than see advertising -and at more opportune times.” The marketing quartet  also emphasized ” a product’s package serves several functions-protecting, facilitating use of, and promoting the product, as well as providing information about the product and its use.  We see the ingeniousness of  this product packaging, the combination of  these two objects creates the perfect trigger for individuals  to remember the Kleenex Hand Towel  packaging .  How many times has the average consumer asked for tissues or used a paper towel dispenser in an eight hour work day???  This fusion of two everyday sanitary/ hygeine  items bring about such a familiarity to the packaging of this product that consumers might become affixed on the packaging and functionality. This packaging is simple and striking it constructs a comfort level within the customer. The marketing quartet also shed more light on the power of packaging decisions ” More and more sellers are attempting to develop a common package design for their products, thereby creating a greater impact on the consumer. Because consumers purchase a high percentage of supermarket items on impulse, packaging is especially important for such items. Kleenex has created a fuctional product package that can used in multiple setting while creating a lasting brand effect on the consumer.

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