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Knocking Off The Competition

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While snooping around this weekend we spotted this item on the shelf: Just Like Polo Men’s Cologne the generic version of Polo Men’s Cologne.

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Generic Products is defined as products that have no brand at all other then identification of their contents and the manufacturer or middleman. It goes on to say that Generic products are usually offered in plain packages at lower prices. As seen in the photo on the left but the question that  grab our attention was the blatant comparison between the two products.  With consumers paying less attention to name brand and more to cost effective bargains does the generic product gain the upper hand??? Many of you are aware of the negative stereotypes that comes along with buying “knock offs” or better known as generic products from your local stores. According to www.waletpop.com  Consumers don’t buy generic products because they think it makes them look bad, said Jason Gurwin, CEO of Pushpins, a mobile coupon company.”People don’t buy generic because it’s a reflection on their personal wealth and it’s a reflection on their personal taste,” Gurwin told WalletPop in a telephone interview. With this in mind generic beauty products ranks in the top 10 products that are bought generic. This gives us the foundation droppingjaws.com needs to go into further details about the branding, marketing and advertising involved in generic brand products. Al Reis and Jack Trout call this the

“Positioning of a Follower” :

“One approach is to target customers of competitor’s brand who are similar to the firms current customers or who have aspirations to be like the firms customers” Some insiders have  went as far to state that ” the same manufacturer of a brand-name product often makes the generic product with the same ingredients, what the company selling the branded item is selling is the perception of something better”  Even though we @droppingjaws.com understand the benefit of generic product this product takes the cake. The title in its self” just like polo Men’s Cologne” is a tad bit much but we want to hear your opinons and perspective about this generic product so please chime and follow us on twitter @ droppingjawsblg

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