The Dark ERA (Don’t Call it a Comeback)

Greeting fellow lovers of!



I’m glad to say that we have survived the” Dark Era”. For those of you who wondered what happened to your beloved blog site… LIFE! We experienced so early departures and some unexpected additions. Never the less we deeply apologize for the abrupt stop of content unknowingly leaving you high and dry with nothing to hold on too.  To all our fans near and far we have regrouped and reshaped how our blog site is ran but only for the better. You will still receive our witty and creative compositions that you have grown to love. Yet, this time around we will seeking more input and insight from YOU the readers on which topics interest you and also offering chances for guest bloggers.

Dropping poster


Oh we forgot to tell you we got mascots!  These characters will personify the different view point of YOU the fans. So click on the link below and read their bio and find out which character traits fits you best. WARNING you may have more than one.

OH it’s good being back!!!


Clint Southwood

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