Sportin Goodies

Sporting Goodies

Those of you that are seasoned veterans of are familiar with our previous post “That’s the way the cookie crumbles” if not click on the link below to get caught up

OK, now that everyone is on the same page.  Lets go into greater detail about the commercial above, for some of you this is the first time viewing this commercial. There’s a reason why, this commercial was banned in the United States. Yep Yep a tad bit risky for the American public.  For all the Serena Williams fans whether you watch tennis or her know this isn’t the first time the   2 time gold medals(doubles),   7 time Single Grand Slam titles and12 time Double Grand Slam titles legend has placed her assets in the sight of the viewing public as shown below:

    After kicking around the idea that maybe she just likes the attention and maybe its not the sex craved media that’s only providing sexual explict  roles for her.  We at relish the fact that we have a diverse group of minds writing content for the advertising and marketing community but we found that even we at have different opinion about the exploitation of women in general. We splinter into different scenarios about the options provided for women in the world of advertisement and marketing  it brakes down into the demographics  such as race, income level and ethnicity etc.

One groups believe Serena Williams is made out to be the “Sex Kitten” of the sports world but the one thing that they emphasize is that she signs her name on the line every time she’s photographed and wears cat suits during tennis matches. When Serena is giving the chance to placed before the eyes of the viewing public she chooses to find the most body flattering outfit in the closet.  “Nike isn’t forcing her to wear those outfits, her sister wears clothing that more suitable for a woman of her built and status” , ” She’s not too appealing on the eyes so she flaunts the most attractive parts,so what else is new.” ” Serena is a grown woman she knows what she’s doing and she knows she’s a role model for women in general not just African American women from poverty stricken backgrounds.”

With arguments like this it only fueled the other half that believed that athletes only have a small say so in the representation of themselves especially when its dealing with being under the hand of a multi billion dollar sporting industry.  ” Why is it that Maria Sharapova get the largest shoe deal for a woman in sports a 8 year $70 million dollar from Nike (the same sporting apparel provider for Serena Williams)  with less accolades and awards than Serena Williams?”,

“If its not the exploitation of black woman how come Serena is always in form fitting outfits and draws more non tennis viewers than Sharapova but she’s the highest  paid according to Forbes magazine who listed her as the highest-paid female athlete in the world, with annual earnings of over US$26 million. Why???” Both parties made great arguments but at the end cooler heads prevailed Serena Williams,  Maria Sharapova, and Anna Kournikova all have been photoed in risky scenes as shown below:


As long as these young ladies have the eyes of the world and the dollars of Fortune 500 companies its their pockets. They choose what sponsors to endorse , pictures to be taken(legally), commercials to shown and movies to be filmed  . The marketing and advertisement companies is as strong as the ethical and moral standards of the person signing their name on the dotted line. It’s easy to blame big business about their choice of who they want to be the face of their brand but its the free choice of the athlete to allow themselves to be  shaped into whatever image the sponsoring company wants them to become.

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