Share the Wealth… PLEASE


With us being the information age, where all your information is time sensitive. The need to know what your organization is doing is the new “hot potato”  of  your organizational social media strategy. The need to give your audience direct feedback and updates on the progression of your organization is no longer a second thought.

Supporters want to know that your are constantly in a fight to gain their attention. The latest celebrity, entertainer or random socialite is giving your target audience all of them,all the time.  So marketers in this industry must take the same type of energy and attentiveness as the publicist(s) of Kim Kardashian  or Amber Rose  when comes to promoting the great feats that your organization is doing.

We have to master the little things that matter such as creating e-marketing campaign that enhances our social media efforts. As the chart above points out you have a base of 3.9 million users daily that share information with each other. Your organization can take part in this communication community. Share the wealth of information, jazz it up a little and make your news press worthy.

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