Seeing is Believing



In this line of work seeing is believing. With the world basically at your fingertips the need to be efficient is a must. Every time is the first time to introduce your organization to a potential supporter. As marketers of the not for profit sector, we must fight the need to post pictures and videos about random topics  that have no strategic edge for your organization.

Each point of contact with your audience  must have a planned objective. Information is passed too fast through our daily world wide web waste basket, to throw away countless audience luring content on an everyday basis.

We must be selective with the content that we use to gain attention for our particular cause. Take the time to meet with your social media manager and your marketing manager on a weekly basis to go over the goals, objectives, gains and opportunities we call them  “Go-Go dancers ” these are several indicators that gauge if your reaching  efficient engagement with your audience.

Above is an  infograph shows the importance of content marketing  in 9 highly essential steps  for not for profit marketing by Ian Lauth of Winspire News

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