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As we close out the year we at www.droppingjaws.com want to spotlight the creative efforts of  Prevent Blindness Georgia for their “Smoking Causes Blindness ” campaign. Prevent Blindness Georgia was established in 1965 as an affiliate of Prevent Blindness America, the nation’s leading not-for-profit eye health and safety organization. This photo was submitted to us via email, with engaging  advertisement campaigns like this marketing and advertising companies like  Agapecean Marketing Firm LLC,  Purple Duck Marketing and many others who deal specifically with not-for-profits are able  to obtain some leverage  in the marketing and advertisement world. With the world becoming more health conscious the need for cause marketing and social conscious advertisement is needed.

According to Dan Pallotta  a blogger  for the Harvard Business Review , an expert in nonprofit sector innovation and a pioneering social entrepreneur states that “total annual U.S. marketing expenditures for all purposes are estimated to be about $730 billion. A rough estimate of annual nonprofit sector marketing spending puts it at $7.6 billion. Take away nonprofit universities, museums, and other quasi-businesses, and a liberal estimate of annual health and human service nonprofit marketing spending is $1.9 billion — one dollar for charity, $384 for something else.” This stat is one that doesn’t go unseen or unheard to those of you who are apart of the Dropping Jaws Division remember our previous article “Dead On Arrival” (click link to view article http://droppingjaws.mobi/?p=343)  which shed light on the disproportional expenses in marketing and advertisement between for profit and not for profits.

Pallotta  founder of Pallotta TeamWorks and the president of Advertising for Humanity goes as far as to compare the spending differences these two industries to the height differential between an average four year (3 ft and 1 in) and  Wills  Tower (formally know as The Sears Tower ) this edifice stands at 1,451 ft  . Which we @www.Droppingjaws.com consider a “Dropping Jaws Quote” this quotes doesn’t just paint the world in jaded light it also shows how marketing and advertising for not for profit are undermined by the masses. Dan Kennedy author of  “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” made a keen observation  in reference to the auto industry ,overlooking the great strides of the little guys “The entire American automobile industry nearly put itself out of business by stubbornly, stupidly assuming that Americans wouldn’t buy Japanese cars.” It won’t take long before big business starts to recognize the adventive segue being made in cause marketing and advertisement for not for profits organizations.

According to Kennedy there are seven way to get hot and stay on fire: 1) Get Prestigious 2) New Products 3) New Services 4) Tie into trends and news events 5) Tie into seasons and holidays 6) Tie into movies and entertainment events 7) PiggyBack  on others’s fad, even if unrelated. Some may find flaws in these parameters but look at the success of the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation who  have created campaigns and built brands that are well known and respected around the world. These not for profit organizations  have partnered with marketing and advertisement juggernaut such as the NFL, NBA and  fortune 500 companies as shown below:

As the world becomes more cognitive of health whether mental, physical, social, environmental, spiritual , emotional and so on the issues related to them will become the topic of conversation from Broadway to the Boondocks. Once this occurs the battle for positioning in the minds of (supporters/customers) will begin and the winner must have the most alluring campaign and compelling cause. These requirements will birth a new wave of marketing mavens  and advertising aristocrats who will change the platform of the marketing and advertising industry as we know it. We @ www.droppingjaws.com will be here to give you the play by play continuing to be “The Voice of Reason for the Marketing and Advertising Community”.

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