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Debbie Does Drainage???

Now let’s get this out in the open  now we@ have seen and heard sex being used to sell a lot of things but drainage cleaner??? I mean with all the sexual innuendo that could have and has been used to sell  products. The Marketing and Advertising community has resorted to 1970 ‘s porn cliches now ‘I’m here to snake your drain” and ” I’m here to flush your pipe” shame on us !!!

WHEW!!! Now that’s out the system, we can get to the issue at hand several article ago one of the DJDM’s submitted an article entitled “Is Unemployment Sexy” for our first time visitors please click on the following link to get a refresher course on the topic at hand. Now according to DSA (Direct Selling Association) as of 2010 there was $28.58 Billion dollars worth of direct sales, now 24.4% of $28.58 Billion is $6,968,640,000 this amount was spent on Home and Family Care /Home Durable products and out of that 6.9 Billion dollars 81% of those dollars roughly were supplied by women.

So we understand the reasoning and philosophy for going after the woman demographics but come on now, Where is the creativity? For the type of money big business is spending on advertising you could have had world renowned romantic novelist Danielle Steele write a script for this commercial. Lisa Johnson and Andrea Learned authors of “Don’t Think Pink” :What Really Makes Women Buy- And How To Increase Your Share Of This Crucial Market.
States that “A woman’s buying mind is adept at seeing through the surface of marketing copy and zeroing in on the deeper value your brand can bring to her life.” They later go on to describe in a section of the book entitled “The Art of How She Buys” the steps most women go through before a purchase. Johnson and Learned start off by implying “For a woman, the process of buying is much more complicated than simply thinking up a need and rushing to the store with a credit card in hand.” This sounds like exactly what the ad agency did before they created this campaign but I digress.

Johnson and Learned continues on buy breaking down “The Art of How She Buys” into four key manners 1) Women Develop And Use Smart Shopping Skills. 2)Women Are Constituent-Driven Decision Makers. 3)Women Seek Ongoing Relationships And Insider Information. 4) Women Comparison Shop. With information to bespeak this demographic shopping/consumption behavior where did this commercial come from??? Retail anthropologist Paco Underhill once said ” men often prefer to gather information from the product display and brochures, rather than seek out the personal touch in their buying process that is so important to women.” So in all respects you can’t advertise to women the same way you advertise to men.

In ” Lifestyle Marketing: Reaching The New American Consumer” a book written by Ronald D. Michman, Edward M. Mazze and Alan J. Greco theses insightful gentlemen commented on the changing values and lifestyles. “Personal values are considered an important market segmentation variable because they serve as determinants of attitudes and behavior and have manifested themselves in the formation of buying motives and brand attitude.” Now before we go on the DJD (Dropping Jaws Division) has voiced our opinion before on this matter in regards to marketing and advertisement companies alienating the preferred customers they were instructed to cater to in a previous publishing” Cat Fight” So we are not going to keep playing the same record but we will inform you about the scary trends that are occurring in marketing and advertising industry but we have to speak on this is cause we are the “The Voice of Reason for the Marketing and Advertising Community” before we closeout we @ wanted to thank you all for the support we have over 3,000 followers from sea to shining sea supporting and spreading the good news about

To pick up where we left off with Ronald D. Michman, Edward M. Mazze and Alan J. Greco continued on to say ” Personal value system were better predictors of activity preference than demographic variations. This new commercial plays on moral fiber of the “stay at home Mom” or “Soccer Mom” the reason why use these titles cause almost 71% of that $28.56 Billion dollars in sales are between the ages of 30-64. You have to be careful not to alienate your customer base. Not every middle aged woman shopping at the local grocery store is a “Desperate Housewife” or a “Cougar” on the prowl.

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