Tyrannosaurus Rex VS Transformers

Oh ok …the T-Rex comparison maybe a tad bit much but…Man Vs Machine has been used so many times that it no longer paints a great enough picture. To describe the continuous battle between man and machine, which has taken on many facet over the past several centuries. Whether it was the agriculture, industrial ,automobile and technology in all these battles machine has reigned supreme in its  battles with man. Now we all can agree that tens of millions of people have been displaced by technology. Now technology has reared it gargantuan head in the field of marketing and advertising better known as social media: twitter, face book and etc. There has been massive layoffs in the marketing and advertising community from Microsoft to Proctor & Gamble.

We @droppingjaws.com have been speaking of  traditional marketing vs social media marketing. The focus of our discussion is more how companies are choosing to go with marketing and advertising on social media instead of relying on the brain power of their marketing executives.

With the nation’s obsession, AMC’s hit show  ,”Mad Men” .  When at its peak it showed the inner workings of an advertising agency in the “Golden Era” of marketing and advertising. A time where Leo Burnett was king and consumer consumed not just the product but the what the product stood for. When asked about the pros and cons between traditional media and social media,   Patrick W. McGinnis Professor of Marketing at Olin Business School states “With the advent of digital ad tracking software and digital ad shops like Google, companies are able to track the effects of digital ads in real time in a fine-grained manner,”
“Companies can quickly monitor who is clicking on an ad, with whom they are sharing the link to the ad and what that second person is then doing,” he says.
Traditional media offers no such capability.
“Is it possible to track whether someone who bought Time magazine this week actually viewed the ad on page 10?”  Now once again this is pretty awesome  but the question that always up is ” Did they buy the product cause of the ad or “Word of Mouth”  Let us know  in the comments below which comes first the Ad or the Word? When your purchasing a product or service what’s the deciding factor? Ads or Word of Mouth



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