That's the way the cookie crumbles

Competition Results Below:

Williams Sisters:

Venus- 2nd all time among female athletes in career prize money, career record (585-143) 80.5% winning percentage, 43 single titles (10th of all time), 5 gold medals (3 single+2 double) most among female tennis players, 13 Single Grand Slam titles, 12 Doubles Grand Slam titles, 2 mixed double titles, 20 double titles.

Serena- 1st all time among women athletes and 3rd among all-time tennis athletes in career prize, career record (474-101) 82% winning percentage, 37 single titles,  2 gold medals(doubles), 19 double titles, 7 Single Grand Slam titles, 12 Double Grand Slam titles,  2 mixed doubles titles,  19 double titles.

Manning Brothers:

Peyton- 1x Super Bowl MVP, 1xSuper Bowl Champion, 9 xPro Bowl selection, 5 x1st team All-Pro,3x 2nd team All-Pro, 2x Bert Bell winner, 6x AFC Offensive Player of the year, 33 NFL Regular season records, 12 NFL Playoff records, 7 NFL Rookie records, 5 QB-WR tandem records.

Eli-1x Super Bowl MVP, 1x Super Bowl Champion, 1x Pro Bowl selection, Offensive NFC player of the month.

Title Count & Records:

Williams Sisters 155 

 Manning brother 116* (* if you count Colt franchise records several of theses records are counted twice as NFL Records and Colt Franchise Records) 

To the winner goes the spoils… right???  Well not really  The William sisters have together 39 more records and or titles than the Manning Brothers but why do you see the Manning’s on more commercials and ads.  Some may say well its sponsorship but the Williams sisters have sponsors such as Ralph Lauren, Wilson, EA Sports, American Express, Oreo, Powerade, Sega, Nike, Reebok, Gatorade, Estee Luader, Mc Donalds, Mission Skin Care, and HP (14 sponsors). Again how many commercials and advertisement have you seen?  The Manning Brother have also racked some face time with sponsors such as Citizen Watch, Toyota, Reebok, Oreo, Xbox, Master Card, Sprint, Sony, Gatorade, Direct TV, H.H. Gregg, American Red Cross, Kraft, Samsung (14 sponsors).

Well marketing and advertising community we at are asking the question “why aren’t the Williams sisters getting more face time and more sponsors from corporate America?” was under the assumption that everybody loves a winner and clearly the Williams sisters are the most winning duo in World especially in America,  in 2010 they became the first time a team was ranked #1 in doubles tennis while holding the top two positions in singles tennis  as well. As asked fellow marketing and public relation experts several say its race related now we hope this not the case cause in the world of business the only color that matters is green… right??? So we at did a little research and we found out through Forbes that Maria Sharapova is the endorsement queen of tennis earning $23 million endorsements and appearance fees last year whereas the Serena earned roughly $20 million and Venus earned an estimated $15 million.  So marketing and advertising community what’s the problem??? 

Why are there more commercials featuring Sharapova and Anna  Kournikova (who has never won a Grand Slam or any other SINGLES Championship) both who are not American citizens than two Americans that have brought over 150 records and titles including 5 gold medals back to U.S. soil?  Maybe tennis is not a popular sport in the United States … nah  In 2001, 13 million viewers tuned to CBS to watch Venus and Serena battle each other for the U.S. Open trophy. When fellow American olympian Micheal Phelps won  olympic gold in 2004 he received endorsements  from companies such as Visa, Speedo,watchmakers” Omega” , Pure Sport drink, under armour and Kellogg . In 2008  during his olympic record-breaking 8  medal run  returned home to accolades sponsors estimated $30-50 million a year  in proposed endorsements  only to lose  multi million dollar endorsement several later months due to showing poor judgement by being photographed  smoking marijuana. The Williams sisters havent been involved in any conflict outside of tennis unless you count when Venus Williams challenged the Wimbledon  Tennis Association over the unequal prize winnings for female tennis and obtained favor from Great Britain prime minister Tony Blair and received her request. While Serena In 2008  helped to fund the construction of the Serena Williams Secondary School in Matooni, Kenya .The Williams sisters are also  involved in a number of clinics at schools and community centers, particularly those which have programs focusing on at-risk youth.  So marketing and advertising community what’s the problem???

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