Smells Like Competition

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          John Zagula and Richard Tong authors of “The Marketing Plan” speak about a marketing technique entitled ” The Drag Race”  which is defined as “If you are surrounded by competitors, don’t try and beat everyone. Pick one competitor and, like a drag racer, out-accelerate them, leaving them in your dust.” This technique we @DroppingJaws  think this what’s happening  between Unilever and Procter & Gamble the parent companie(s) of  Axe and Old Spice. With the Personal Care Industry ranging from everything from chap stick to toothpaste and the industry expecting a 25%  growth from 2007-2014 , the competition gets intense.  Axe has successfully attracted  a following that love there in your face untamed and raw style of promoting sexual innuendo .  Axe’s approach is widely perceived as a marketing success, says Bruce Vanden Burgh, a Michigan State University professor who specializes in advertising.

“The kids I teach are the target market for this product, and I think (Axe) has got them, dead on,” Vanden Burgh says. “This is a very edgy generation when it comes to sex – very out there. It’s different than previous generations, where there was more upfront feminism. So, the ads mirror their attitudes.”

“Ignite Interest” is one the keys to presenting your message according Dan S. Kennedy the word slinger of “The Ultimate Marketing Plan”  Kennedy continues to say “you make  can the presentation of your marketing message more interesting in many different ways, some depending on the medium being used, including:  1) Before/after photographs 2) Dramatic Stories of satisfied customers 3) Shocking statistics 4) Dramatic slogans, headlines, statements 5) Physical demonstration.  Kennedy ends on the note that “The right presentation of the right marketing message touches every base, every time. It assumes nothing. It takes  nothing for granted. It strives for clarity and simplicity and even, many times, brevity-but never, ever achieves those things through shortcuts or skipping bases. These  quotes didn’t fall on deaf ears hear** as we follow this drag race between these two juggernaut take notes and let us know what you think  on twitter @ Droppingjawsblg

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