Many wonder about the effectiveness of advertising compared to sales and influence.  This has been a hot button topic  in the advertisement community especially in regards to the success or failure of the Old Spice ad campaign. This statement brings about questions with the advertising, research & development, and marketing departments around the world. has a question “Why hasn’t Nike’s MVP puppets exceeded  Micheal “Air” Jordan brand?” This question can be better understood by knowing the difference between physical and perceptual positioning.  Most consumers know very little about the essential physical attributes of sport related products. Positioning ultimately occurs in the customer’s mind. Even though a product’s physical characteristics, package, brand name, price, and ancillary services can be designed to achieve a particular position in the market, some of these characteristics customers may attach less importance to. Growing up in a culture where greatness is equated by the successes of the individual or group in question. This relates to how the viewing public feels about those deemed as “great”. With Micheal Jordan being Nike’s first featured “Signature player” this decision birthed a trend of having players featured in advertisements and signature product line. With all the media outlets and advancements in technology in regards of animation, computer software,  and etc.

 Why hasn’t the public become immersed in the subculture  of basketball heir athletes such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Afreene “Penny” Hardway product lines. As the campaigns were unveiled the impact  did not measure  to the success of Micheal Jordan initial campaigns in the eyes of those who are athletic shoe consumers. With Jordan commercial featuring the likes of Spike “Mars” Lee, Mary J  Blidge ,Bugs Bunny, and Mos Def these are the most recognizable acts associated to the success of the Jordan’s product line during his playing career. Some may say these are high dollar acts which they are but these individual appearances stretched over 14 year playing career.  While the MVP puppets have called on the assistance of David Alan Greer, Chris Rock, Tyra Banks, KRS-ONE, Lupe Fiasco, Kennan Thompson, and Bobbie J Thompson. This assorted cast of talent brought a hefty price tag. Now envision the Micheal Jordan campaigns and how they always implicated the physical traits or the attributes of the athlete . As you follow the career of Micheal Jordan and his signature shoe line it always showed Jordan showcasing  his physical ability. Whereas the latest MVP puppets superstars showcase a lifestyle more than the physical improvements that can be obtained from wearing the shoes.

The puppets portray the lifestyle and accomplishments with minor dialogue about the physical attributes. At times the perceptual messages are so dominant the consumer by passes the product and becomes wrapped up in the lifestyle, and forget about basketball gameplay improving aattributes; the very reason the viewing public  is watching the commercial in the first place. With society taking more of a spectator approach, advertising the star power of players  rather than their talent the essential reason for buying the product gets missed and overlooked. This entertainment first and sports second is a trend that will continue to be a catalyst for overspent advertising budgets and mediocre sales results. Guess Nike has the greatest shoes to fill.

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