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 We at droppingjaws.com only express the thoughts of those individuals that have a direct relationship to the advertising and marketing industry. We can only address the practices that affect the overall integrity of this industry. While doing some research at the droppingjaws.com headquarters one of our researchers stumbled across some literature from Joe Marconi the ink slinger of “Cause Marketing” .Marconi reports that when dealing with cause marketing there is ten main topics and areas of importance to business . First on the list is Corporate Social Responsibility which he explains is “an overview of a company overall positioning and determine how its activities affects employees, the environment, communities, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders”.  We will get back to Joe in a moment, the researcher brought up the question what are these fortune 500 companies saying when they grant or strip endorsement deals  from company spokespersons? This question brought about the current advertisement buzz ,the replacing of Tiger Woods face from EA sports  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12  EA sports released a statement:

“It’s no reflection — if the insinuation is that there’s a reflection of EA Sports backing away from its relationship with Tiger,” Katherine Coulthart, the company’s publicist, told CNN.

“We are in our 13th year with Tiger and he is very supportive of this and how the video game will help grow the sport of golf,” Coulthard added

Even thought video game sales records show that this top selling game has featured Woods face before hand  Viewed below:  

PS3 special collectors edition will feature Tiger Woods face for an higher price  to consumers. The CNN report continues to state that ” The 14-time major winner has been dropped by a string of sponsors since being engulfed in a sex scandal and subsequent divorce”

Gatorade, AT&T, Gillette and Accenture have ended deals and earlier this week it was announced that the leading publication Golf Digest would not be renewing their arrangement with Woods to provide a monthly column.” Even though droppingjaws.com have lawyers at our disposal the last we checked the most stringent punishment for adultery was a scarlet letter A on your chest.  Tiger was tried by the oldest court in the land the court of public opinion. Which is the “Law of the Land”  a law without due process.  Then one of our journalist asked brought about an interesting observation about Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen.  He began to point out that Charlie Sheen has had multiple run ins with the law with charges resulting in arrest ranging from domestic violence, second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief.  Along with frequent bouts with drugs & alcohol that has landed the star in the hospital or  rehab. Still the star was awarded TV contract generating $1.7 million per episode along with hefty endorsement from Hanes co-staring with basketball great Micheal Jordan. Sheen’s Hanes ad was suspended due to his latest run in with law.Well then lets go to the next scenario the Martha Stewart and Micheal Vick sparked  the conversation in the office.  We have the Godmother of Home Decor Martha Stewart who was found guilty by a jury of her peers for conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators and was sentenced to 5 months in federal prison camp.  After her release from prison in March 2005, Martha Stewart engineered a comeback, that involved Martha Stewart Living. Selling her company’s Martha Stewart Everyday line at Kmart were expanded to include a new line of ready-made home furnishings, and its mass market interior paint line became available at the larger Sears stores. She also returned to daytime  television with the Martha Stewart Show which is currently in its 6th season. Stewart’s daily talk show was nominated in six categories for the  including Best Host and Best Show .Whereas Micheal Vick once the highest paid football player in NFL history, a first time offender was stripped of multiple endorsements and imprisoned for 23 month for Felony conspiracy in interstate commerce/aid of unlawful animal fighting venture. All of these individuals have net worth in the millions, global icons, philanthropist, and pioneers in their industries.   We at dropping jaws.com have a few question for those citizens of the advertising and marketing community why does one commits no crime and lose multi endorsement and the other commits multiple crimes and receive multiple endorsements. Well maybe because one’s a minority? Nah all of them are minorities well maybe cause two are atheletes and has millions of fans that are very impressionable and the other two only appeals to the older audience that can decipher what’s right and wrong. That’s it right? Yeah Yeah that’s it .. Maybe we at droppingjaws.com are missing the point, we thought “whats good for the goose ,is good for the gander.” So why is it that these cases are so similar but the results are so different.   

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