Is Unemployment Sexy???

When asked, “Why is the economy slowly pulling its self out of the pit of recession?” answer is WHAT Recession ??? SEX SALES!!! 

    • Porn revenue is larger than all combined revenues of all professional football, baseball,and basketball franchises.
    • US porn revenue exceeds the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, & NBC (6.2 billion). 
    •  The sex industry is a 63+ billion world wide business annually.

sources of statistics (

With the number shown above you can see why “The Ladder” a job search site, who’s claim to fame is connecting 100k talent to 100k jobs. Well be that as it may, were not here to question the efficiency of their job search engine. only wants to focus on their advertising and marketing campaigns. We see the new tag-line they want to make you more attractive to employers and that’s creative and catchy but the commercials disrupt the synergy of the campaign. If you’ve kept track of the Ladders commercial many of you remember the commercial where the is… We will let you watch the video below and explain it from there.

the storyline goes as followed the cast Tennis Server: ( Employee), Tennis Ball( Resume) Racquet  (computer) , Clay Tennis Court ( The Economy), The Opponent ( Employer) herein lies the sheer genius of the concept. For those of you who have never played tennis, one of the toughest surfaces to play on is the clay tennis court which is shown in the commercial.

“Playing tennis on clay courts presents many different problems from other surfaces. Clay is seen as the slowest of the tennis court surfaces as well as having an unstable surface that requires the player to slide around and into shots, which apart from requiring you to wear special clay court tennis shoes, can make things very difficult if you are not used to playing on the surface.Qualities like patience and physical (and mental) fitness become more important.” (quotes from Now that you have a professional opinion so can see the metaphor in using a clay court in this commercial as the economy.

Now as the Tennis Server (You) tosses the tennis ball (resume) delivering the tennis ball (resume) is your racquet’s (computer) but before you can serve a crowd member (other applicant)  comes on the court and disrupt  the shot. This commercial hits its mark, but to follow up with a commerciallaced with sexual innuendo and lewdness is a travesty. sees this commercial and the first thing that comes to mind is “unemployment isn’t sexy”.  SEX CANT SELL EVERYTHING!!!

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