Slow and Steady wins the race

We at conducted personal interviews about the positioning of  The Adidas Group.Over the years Adidas slowly but surely has become the world’s second leader in sports apparel industry.We at believe this was done by the Adidas group positioning itself in the “Against” positions this allow the company to maneuver its self as the best of the rest or “If the company isn’t the first, then it has to be the first to occupy the No.2 postion.” Well we at believe that this approach has paid off with Adidas being the face soccer the world’s largest sport and having the” football boot” or better known  as soccer cleats making its debut in the 1954 World Cup. The Addis Group has done an outstanding job in keeping pace with Nike the leader of the pack being . We conducted this face to face interview between an anvid shoe consumer and a correspondent  after showing them the video above. Dropping (DJ) Vs Shoe Consumer (SC)

DJ: What you think about that Adidas commercial?

SC: I don’t really like them

DJ: Oh why not?

SC: Just too silly
and the chinese character seems like a rip off of the rich russian dude from the Direct TV commercial

DJ:  Yah
at least they still talking about the shoe and its advantages. When they stop doing that they will get like Nike

SC: Yeah
I don’t think Nike is in the shoe  advertising business anymore
they all about celebrity

DJ: Yeah
but if Adidas take advantage they can steal some of Nike share of the market

DJ: Ok I was gonna use some quotes for the blog. No names just title, like a secret shopper

SC: Ok

Most marketing and advertising experts are familiar with the F.W.M.T.S Trap which means “Forgot what made them successful”   The Adidas Group  one of the leading sporting goods and equipment manufacturer in the world has the golden opportunity to gain a substantial amount of the market from market leader Nike. In  a 10 year time span with the acquisition of  Taylor Made in 1997 and Reebok in 2006, the Adidas group has made great strides by combining itself with some of the most prestigious brand in the world. These facts are nothing to turn your nose up at but since the  year 2000 Adidas has accounted for:

 4 NBA Championship team featuring Adidas sponsored athletes 2003 &2007 San Antonio Spurs (Tim Duncan), 2004 Detroit Pistons ( Chauncey Billups) and 2008 Boston Celtics (Kevin Garnett) .

3 NBA Finals MVP (2x Tim Duncan and Chauncey Billups)

3 NBA MVP (2x Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett). 

8 NFL Championship team featuring Adidas sponsored athletes 2001,2003,2004 New England Patriots ( Adam Vinatieri), 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers (Joey Porter), 2006 Indianapolis Colts( Peyton Manning & Reggie Wayne) 2007 New York Giants (Eli Manning) 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers (Santonio Holmes) 2009 New Orleans Saints (Reggie Bush). 

 4 NFL MVP (Peyton Manning 2003, 2004,2008,2009) 

 3 Super Bowl MVP ( Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Santonio Holmes).

 2 AL MVP’s (2006 Justin Morneau & 2000 Jason Giambi)

3 NL Cy Young Award Winner (2x Tim Lincecum, Chris Carpenter, and Brandon Webb)

4 Hart Memorial Trophy Winners( 2x Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Joe Thornton)

Al Ries and Jack Trout said  “If you want to be successful today, you can’t ignore the competitor’s position. Nor can you walk away from your own.” When we at hear quotes like this from legends like Ries and Trout it paints a picture of a company that’s experiencing great acclaim ,cause the Adidas Group has paid close attention to Nike positioning in the market. With the viewing of the latest advertising campaign “Fast Dont Lie” it seems that maybe straying away from the performance inspired campaigns such as “Impossible is Nothing”  and “It’s on me for my brotherhood” these campaign advertisement were geared towards team camaraderie and goal accomplishments.  Whereas the latest commercials has been geared towards receiving knee jerk reactions from the viewing public with perennial all-stars Dwight Howard singing show tunes and  Josh Smith shaving his legs . The Adidas Group had set the bar for accomplishing championships the need for them to go the  route of becoming entertainment inspired is unneeded and if not corrected can lead down a road of overspent advertising budgets and low product consumption.

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