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An advertising campaign so natural that Mother Nature approves. We @ DroppingJaws.com can only offer high remarks for Canada Dry choice of branding their beverage as being ” so natural that its as if you pulling actual ginger out of the ground.” For those  newcomers to DroppingJaws.com we have a strong dislike towards puffery but this campaign has found a special spot in the heart of our staff. This forward assumption that the majority of the viewing public has only tasted ginger by way of the ginger ale soda is a far stretch. With this in mind the commercial covers the gray area  of those individuals who have actually tasted the ginger plant and those who have only tasted ginger ale.  Campaigns that fill in the blanks are always homeruns;  many marketing and advertisement professionals will tell you the less the consumer thinks the better. Alice Tybout and Bobby Calder editors for second edition of Kellogg on Marketing  ( The Marketing Faculty of the The Kellogg School Of Management at Northwestern University) states “Purchasing may be motivated by features of the product, such as its price, performance, convenience, or how the product makes the purchaser feel or appear to others when using it.” This train of thought is consistent with the approach that we @ droppingjaws.com believe that Canada Dry went with, what better way to sell to a health conscious/ environmental  friendly community a  beverage that tells them that “their is beverage is so natural that its a part of nature. Tybout and Calder also states that “Consumer generally choose a particular brand because they believe that it provides a benefits that is different from ( and presumably better than) other brands.”  With the majority of their core consumers first consumption of Canada Dry Ginger Ale  being the first time they have tasted ginger in some type or form. Their customers have no reason to question the contents of their advertising campaign.  Partakers of Ginger Ale beverages have the medical world backing their claims as well with some media outlets claiming “Ginger Ale has amazing health benefits.” Junji Takano, a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first electrostatic therapy device for electromedicine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause. (according to sources from www.pyroenergen.com)  Takano goes on to state ”

  • In many countries especially in Europe, people drink ginger ale to reduce nausea, abdominal pain, or upset stomach.
  • Ginger is one of primary ingredients used on traditional cold medicines, antiemetic drugs, and analgesic agents.
  • An active ingredient of ginger, called “gingerol” is what creates relief in our body’s digestive system by slowing down the intestinal spasms.


With the medical world co-signing its benefits Ginger Ale is  Medical World tested Mother Nature approved. With all this going in the favor of the beverage Ginger Ale Canada Dry has picked a campaign that escapes the world of pufferyand makes introduction  into a target market that can be very rewarding to their brand. Even though the pulling bottles and drink machines out of the ground is far fetched the contents of the product (ginger) being pulled out of the ground is very realistic and beneficial to their customer base. We @droppingjaws.com  express using caution when dealing with misleading advertising campaign but with a company producing a product that stimulates the mind and relieves nausea maybe Canada Dry “real ginger is real taste”

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