Cut From A Different Cloth

Cut From A Different Cloth

Ok,  so “Wear the pants” is a great catchy phrase while surfing the web. Dockers has launched innovative activities for their campaign, which allowed web viewers the chance to receive a clothing tutorial. With instruction on color scheme , clothes combinations and things of that nature. The real questions comes with the communication process which consist of the source, encoding, message channel, decoding  and receiver.

One of the biggest disruptions of this process is noise, which is defined as any distraction that reduces the effectiveness of the communication process. So keep that statement  in mind, as we explain the portrait this TV campaign projects.   While roaming the country hillside a group of nomadic middle aged men singing a cadence “I Wear No Pants” to add shock to the already questionable satire all these non athletic men are parading around with no pants on, yep no pants. OK shock value √ , catch phrase “Wear the pants” √, the concept ≠ . We believe the men marching in the underwear singing  is a distraction. This type of noise takes away from the pants themselves, the decoding process of the TV campaign we believe it alienated the consumer base of traditional Dockers customers.

The brand of dockers has always been considered a casual/ business casual clothing brand, but with the outlandish content of the commercial men singing in their underwear while roaming the countryside. With this pseudo Braveheart feel give their customer base a reason to feel that the brand is moving away from the traditional casual/non casual wear way of advertising of the past such as the video below:

Then comes the main entree Dockers release the “Wear the Pants” print ads and we  @droppingjaws began to see the bigger the picture:

Then the second wave of commercials began to hit the air waves and impressive print ads started finding their way on billboards and magazines

After asking around the Droppingjaws division it was brought to some of our attention that Jim Calhoun the President for the Dockers brand at Levi Strauss stated in an article in the New York Times  Calhoun  spoke about the campaign “The new ad campaign may succeed at making 25- to 35-year-olds khaki-conscious.  “I don’t think that we, as leaders of the category, have done much to keep the khaki category fresh and exciting, to give the consumers a reason to buy.” With this being said we @droppingjaws commend the staff of Dockers by way of Levi Strauss for tying together the loose end of this campaign.

At first glance the Super Bowl “I Wear No Pants” commercial caught those of us from the Marketing and Adverting community off guard even to the point that some Dropping Jaws Division members found themselves in the middle of several intense bouts of mental and verbal jousting about the efficiency of the “Wear the Pants” campaign but we stand corrected on our first assumption about this campaign.

The only question that still bothers us @ is that we as students of the craft can see the fundemental approach behind this campaign but what about  the average joe and josephine who passion isn’t in the cleveness of the campaign and just want a pair of pants.  Do they get the urge to buy a new pair of Dockers?

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