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When we say that our blood are boiling it’s not in reference to the deep southern fried 10pc meal served at your neighborhood KFC. Its more related to KFC’s $185 million makeover about Sanders. Yep $185 million!!! My My My, that’s a whole lot of money for a campaign centered around a man that died poor. If our research serves us correctly former Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. or affectionately known as Col. Sanders secretary made more money than the “Colonel”. Quite as kept Col. Sanders didn’t believe in the stock market so when everyone around him including his secretary bought stock in the company before it went public. The Colonel choose to sit in the shade and drink some lemonade. Hey were not here to challenge the “Colonel” financial astuteness but to question’s KFC’s timing of such a mythological/controversial pitchman.


It’s safe to say during the era of John Y. Brown Jr. governorship way he was seen amongst the eyes of his constituents may have been seen a stoic or patriotic. The former Governor of Kentucky style of dress was symbolic to a time in Kentucky where race relation weren’t seen as unjust in was “just” a way of life. Okay let’s not bead behind the bush Colonel dressed in manner similar of plantation owners which in our country history is a direct correlation to slavery in particular the enslavement of African Americans.


Now were are not about to get on a racial soapbox because we @Droppingjawsblg is a band of multi ethnic individuals. Seriously can you see the similarities between these characters. We’re only going to look at the advertising campaign. For starters the racial climate in our country is very high as of right now and to reintroduce a character that is a catalyst for racial divide.  Could be a powder keg for public discord that can back fire on KFC and their public relations department. Secondly, the cultural sensitivity of this re-branding  is ill timed or is it???  Several angles could be drawn from  this campaign 1)  Is KFC completely unaware if what’s going on in the United States? 2) Is KFC aware of the stereotype that placates African Americans and fried chicken?  3) Does KFC care?

I let you answer those questions.

See how this campaign is a blatant attempt to draw attention and profit off of the civil injustices of a people that have been the brunt barriers of this societal plague . It’s a chicken move to exploit one of your biggest consumers in the pursuit of profit…. or is it just good marketing.

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