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Cause Marketing is serious business.

With all this talk about cause marketing, we’ve decided to join forces with our parent company to endorse their featured cause. Drum solo… PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS is the 2nd leading cancer causing death for men behind lung cancer. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. While on a business trip to  Huntsville, Alabama we drove past a couple in a Hyundai and on the side of the passenger rear door. We noticed a blue ribbon that was represented prostate cancer awareness.  The sentiment was touching but the impact was overshadowed by the ribbon.


The pink ribbon is synonymous with breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer awareness has been tied to the ribbon for decades  and is a great example of branding and cause marketing.



To use the ribbon and just change the color to blue trivializes the importance of prostate cancer. The awareness of this disease deserves its own identity and symbol of awareness. Over the past years the ribbon has be used for AIDS awareness, domestic abuse  prevention, sexual assault awareness along with a host of other noble causes. This type of branding has made many of these causes play second fiddle to breast cancer.

With the swarming support behind Susan B. Komen, the color pink has transended the realm of cause marketing. Some causes such a Autism awareness and prevention have adopted the puzzle pieces as their logo in effort to separate themselves from the pact. We feel that men’s health is just as important as women’s and children and it deserves it’s own brand recognition.

Join us as we support and aid in re-branding Prostate Cancer Awareness.  Click on the link below and share this cause with your friends, family and social media outlets.

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