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Hey did you catch the NFL  domestic violence and sexual abuse campaign ? You know the one with the players making faces of anguish and frustration repeating  “NO MORE”   a common cliche used by onlookers of domestic and sexual abuse. Check it out

In all honesty when was the last time you saw a heartfelt commercial that made you want to tell your friends and loved ones?

Chris Murray author of “Marketing Gurus” informed us that there’s 4 functions that help people make decisions: intuition, thinking, feeling and sensing. Most commercials that embody these functions are viewed as a successful campaign. What about creativity?

The topic of conversation is the creativity of cause marketing campaigns. When we think about creative cause marketing campaigns the first one to come to mind is the TRUTH campaign . This campaign not only captured the 4 function noted earlier that helps people make decision but the creative component sets this campaign above the run of the mill attempts to inform viewers about the importance of that particular cause.

Over the years good and informative cause marketing campaigns has been classified and seen as bland or unattractive. Take for instance, phrases like nice guys finish last or good girls like bad boys. So its safe to say in this day and age having an edge gives you more credibility and allure.

This is the reason why most people can remember an edgy alcohol commercial but a commercial about drunk driving or substance abuse gets overlooked. The need for creative and edgy cause marketing campaigns is being overlooked. This is truly a travesty, the information disseminated in these campaigns are life altering. For example the TRUTH campaign that was targeted towards tobacco use. These commercials embodied the shock value needed to raise eyebrows  and created a buzz.

One commercial that stands out to me is the commercial when the protesters were gathered around the BIG TOBACCO headquarter. The protesters planted stuffed body bags around the building. Creating a wave of bystanders walking by this display, many bystanders were appalled by the numbers of body bags which  illustrated the amount of people who died from smoking cigarettes. This approach optimized the 4 functions that make people make decisions along with a creative edge. Even the strongest cigarette advocates couldn’t overlook the amount of body bags laying in front this company’s headquarter.

INTUITION: When someone generates abstract possibilities from information that we gathered.

THINKING: When someone makes a decision that is based on logic and reason.

FEELING: When someone makes a decision that is based on their value system, or what they believe.

SENSING: When someone absorbs data in a literal concrete fashion.

Lets make things interesting! Watch the video and list in the comments below what parts of the commercial were the intuition, thinking,feeling and sensing were displayed.

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