Body Rock

OK now that you have witnessed this cool way to look at defeating arthritis. Lets dig deep into what makes this commercial DroppingJaws.com worthy, first the choice of music makes you get active, secondly the dancers, thirdly and most important the slogan at the end of the commercial “Moving is the best medicine.” What stands out to us @droppingjaws.com is the unlikely characters dancing in the commercial, now to be honest who thought the middle aged balding portly fellow would start dancing as if he was Electric Boogaloo the star of the early 80″s film “Breakin”. The thing that intrigues us the most is the underline theme that this campaign spells out which is “anybody can suffer from arthritis which is according to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov an inflammation of one or more joints. A joint is the area where two bones meet. As 2007 over 46 million American suffer from this condition to read more about the affect of arthritis please visit www.arthritis.org but we droppingjaws.com are here to speak about the effectiveness of this campaign.

The commercial starts off with the main characters already being active for starters 1) outside in the park 2) getting ready work 3) Shopping for groceries 4) Waiting for public transportation 5) Doing the laundry . These are all environments and scenarios that promote some type of movement or activity, these settings are important cause it plants in the viewer subconscious that “I need to be doing something productive” with this being built into the foundation of the message. Now comes in the music which is an uptempo composition entitled “Planet Rock” created by Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa this gets the viewer moving and grooving to the beat. So like most of us at DroppingJaws.com who saw the characters started to dance, now everyone in the room is up and doing there own dance routine (which can be sent to you when you purchase a dropping jaws t-shirt) but those of us who are rhythmically deprived kept our eyes on the screen and in tuned to the commercial then BOOM!!! the message comes on the screen. Once the message is displayed “the match is set” and the reason why we say “the match is set” cause out of all the individuals dancing the dancer that generated the most interest is the one who at first glance many wouldn’t believe would be able to dance in that manner.

Here’s the greatest lesson to be taught in the commercial, the lesson is that even the most unlikely individual with arthritis can move and get out there and be active. We @droppingjaws.com considers this to be a “Dropping Jaws Moment”

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